General Contract

Efficient operation of engineering systems of the future objects requires a complex approach and the unified center of responsibility for creating and implementing engineering solutions.

In order to provide a full range of services, effective communication between project participants and maximum responsibility for the final result, our company offers a service of general contractor for engineering.

Using professional company as an engineering customer for specialized subcontractor organizations provides the necessary arguments and levers for gaining the maximum effect at performing design, installation and adjustment activities. This form of organization of the process allows for optimal timing and maximum quality of the project in general.

General Contracting Tools

  • General Contracting Structure
  • Project of Construction Activities Arrangement (OCD)
  • Planning and Contract Department
  • Planning and Contract Department
  • Calendar Schedule of Activities
  • Calendar Schedule of Activities
  • Cost Calculation (AVK-5)


General Contract Services

Comfort-Service provides full package of General Contractor Services  for installation of engineering systems:

organization of a package of activities for engineering installation according to the construction program of the Customer

preparation and organization of construction site, temporary facilities, sanitary blocks, temporary power supply

arrangement of monitoring of compliance with safety regulations, antifire and environmental requirements

provision of reasonable use of territory and environment protection

organization and holding tenders for selection of contractors

development and control of the general schedule of performance of installation activities

development and optimization of the funding scheme of the activities

development and control of the technology of installation activities proceeding (PVR)

provision of material resources and equipment for construction

organization of material logistics on the facility

preparation of permit documents for performance of activities

підготовка дозвільних документів для виконання робіт

assistance and coordination of subcontractor organizations’ activities

monitoring of adherence to contractual obligations and presentation of activities to the Customer

General Contracting Structure