Design of engineering systems


Rapid development of the company, winning contracts of technologically complicated and often ones with hard tasks of energy efficiency and complex solution for power supply of objects caused the necessity of establishing its own design institute.

Comfort Project design & technology institute was founded in 2005. The main objective of the institute became development of engineering support projects for buildings of commercial, production and residential real estate of any complexity and dimension.

Professional design engineers, leading specialists and certified project executives in the sphere of climatization systems, plumbing fixture and energy communications are ready to provide modern concepts of project implementing within the shortest terms possible and produce project documents according to regulatory requirements of Ukraine and the abroad.


Our Services

The main objective of consulting is enhancement of management quality, increasing the company’s operation efficiency in general and increasing each employee’s individual labor productivity. According to the common opinion,

external consultants’ services are generally involved primarily by the organizations that experienced a critical situation. However, assistance in critical situations is not the main function of consulting at all.

We are ready to offer services of developing projects of internal engineering systems, external networks and engineering structures at any of the stages – business case, design, implementation with compliance to Customer’s regulations and:

  • ventilation, heating, air conditioning, smoke elimination;;
  • systems heat supply, cooling supply, gas supply, steam humidication, drying;
  • water supply , drainage;
  • power supply, electric illumination;
  • low-current systems and automatics, dispatching systems;
  • special engineering sections: smoke elimination, lightning protection, fire protection;
  • complex projects of engineering structures: boiler, individual heat units, transformer substations, pumping stations.

Design insitute

  • The team of professionals, specialists with many years of experience in projects of the highest complexity
  • Licenses for design engineering (Ministry of Regional Development, Ministry of Emergency of Ukraine)
  • Certified design engineers (Certificates of the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services)
  • Specialized software (Autodesk Lisenses)
  • Licensed application programs for various calculations (Danfoss, KAN-term, Rehau ...)
  • Application subprograms for calculation (own developments)
  • 2D and 3D Model Base for engineering equipment, units and fittings (own practices)
  • Base 2D and 3D Base of fasteners and units (own work)
  • Modern professional computers and monitors, equipment for printing and copying documents