Energy Saving

It is impossible to imagine any modern building without engineering systems of microclimate provision such as heating, ventilation and air conditioning. That being said, the constantly growing level of people’s life comfort requires increased performance and usability of such systems. However, the considerable capital cost and energy consumption of these systems require that engineers pay special attention to ensuring its energy saving.

For example, in Ukraine, as it is in European countries, from one-third to one-quarter of all energy consumed is spent for heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Thus, the issue of energy cost optimization is now the key issue in the development of engineering concepts and the use of energy-saving technologies.

That is why Comfort-Service pays special attention to the implementation of energy saving.



In order to solve the problems of energy saving, Comfort-Service offers the following services to is costomers:

energy audit of existing engineering systems operation;

advices on the possible options  of energy saving systems;

selection of heat-generating equipment;

development of energy saving concepts of the future project;


integrated design of energy-efficient engineering;

technical and economic feasibility study  of energy-efficient systems and recommendations on their use;

implementation of projects - installation and commissioning of engineering systems implemented on the basis of energy saving technologies.


Major energy-saving technologies applied by the Comfort-Service in the development of engineering systems:

recovery of heat and cold in heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems;

application of different types of heat pumps;

heat energy utilization of the boiler units’ combustion products;

use of accumulation and heat energy redistribution systems (freon and water - WLHP systems);

heat cogeneration and trigeneration  systems;

energy-efficient illumination sources (LED elements);

use of automated systems of engineering system control;

 modern heat insulation systems of structural elements of installations and facilities.