The main objective of consulting is enhancement of management, efficiency of the company in general and increasing labor productivity of each employee. Beside that, engineering consulting provides selection of reasonable, modern, and efficient solutions for provision of the maximum effect from investments.

Over the years of vigorous activity at developing and implementing significant projects, we accumulated huge practical experience at developing modern and efficient engineering. Availability of the robust research and theoretical base and practical experience allows us to provide occupational and unbiased advice at any stage of construction and within projects of any complexity.

We are ready to detect and correct possible errors as early as at the initial stage of construction and help avoid conflicts with contractors and designers in the process of project implementation as well as protect your interests.


We are ready to solve the following tasks for you:

business case and minimization of capital and operating expenses (ТЕО);

advices concerning the role and planning of engineering;

definition of contents and functional tasks of engineering systems;

development of modern concepts of engineering systems;

advices with the use of power-saving technologies;

evelopment of power-saving concepts and evaluation of its application;

calculation of power consumption for obtaining technical conditions;

technology analysis and development of the engineering system design assignment.



Main Function of Consulting

We offer partner relationship and assistance for you at all stages of project implementation:

Pre-project stage

collection of necessary incoming information and assessment of financial capabilities and risks for objective assessment of investments

Design stage

selection of optimal and sound engineering solutions and schemes of project participants’ interations according to budget conditions and periods

Design appraisal stage

professional interaction with project’s experts and settlement of matters of probable comments

Construction stage

settlement of legitimacy issues of possible project modifications in the process of installation, arrangement and control of the engineering installation process itself, for provision of budget conditions and time limits

System adjustment stage

control of engineering systems’ performance and conformity to its projected level

Operation stage

settlement of technical issues of the Customer within the relationship with the operating organization